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Myra Wood | Dir. of Marketing Ocean Breeze Water Park

"It has been a sincere pleasure to work with the talented and charming, James Steele, in my role as Director of Marketing for Ocean Breeze Waterpark.

My previous experiences with radio personalities had unfortunately been – that they did as little as possible and I often questioned why I invited them on site! From our first interaction at a radio remote, James set the bar for what I hope to see. I admire his ability to captivate a large crowd or give a young listener his undivided attention. He has always done a beautiful job of representing my company, the client, while effectively but professionally promoting his own radio brand.

His star has certainly risen over the past nine years that I have known him, and James has become a large part of why I purchased radio with his station, I have included him in my promotional planning meetings for the season and have often counted on him to develop and record spots for our attraction. His dynamic voice, his creativity and willingness to work until the job is done, made him invaluable to me. On a personal level – I’m a fan of his show, his musical choices and his opinions.

If you have the opportunity to hire him, act on it. I hope I have the privilege of witnessing what he will accomplish next!"

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