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Malcolm Ryker | iHeartRadio National Imaging Dir.

"​Our Industy needs more guys like James Steele."

My name is Malcolm Ryker ...Radio and TV Voice Over and Creative Services Director Clear Channel National Programming Platforms... and one half of the Skratch N Sniff Rock Radio Remix Show heard on almost 50 rock stations America. It has been my pleasure to work on a daily basis with James Steele, both in the production world of radio. With me voicing KLBJ-FM and him Producing it ... James is sharp...he has killer skillz at writing and producing... And gets the life style of the rock listener. I have also worked with him as an out standing and up and coming Program director At 96X in Norfolk. James has passion ... for music and the format. Great with people, promotions. The guy just all around gets it.

​Our Industy needs more guys like James Steele.."

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