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Donna Agresto | Sinclair Communications Promotions Director

"I have, had the opportunity and pleasure to work with James Steele over the past few years. It has truly been an honor. I have worked in the music industry for over 30 years. My back ground was not radio. I was a record buyer / marketing person for Blockbuster Music, Tracks / Record Bar and before that Variety Records. It was all about the music in that part of the industry. The passion was music. Radio was a culture shock for me. It was more about sales, entitlement, the individual on air personalities, the listeners and then the music.

James was the game changer. He is a passionate, creative, pro-active, caring, inspiring individual. He took WROX to a new level. It became a brand under his tutelage. A brand that embraced the community through music. He introduced new artists to listeners months before any one else; Fun, Imagine Dragons, X-Ambassadors, Last Bison, Lumineers just to name a few. He tied music to causes to help raise awareness, funds and goods for the charities involved. Last year alone thousands of pounds of food and toys were collected, as well as thousands of dollars in cash for area food banks and Toys for Tots.

His creativity did not stop there. His production is masterful and cutting edge. He was a strategic planner with all aspects of social media for 96X. The content for websites, you tube, facebook, etc. was managed by James. I enjoyed watching him, hearing and seeing his work with all these interactive parts that are now part of radio.

I can honestly say I loved working with James. He is an honest, hard working, caring individual. His passion is contagious. I look for James Steele to do great things in the future. He is one of those rare individuals that has and will continue to make an impact on this world!"

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