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David Ravikoff | Warner Brothers Records

"My name is David Ravikoff, I am regional promotion representative for Warner Bros Records. My department’s job is to get songs on the radio. When I heard James had become PD of WROX, I was really excited…because he is a guy who loves music, truly and passionately. He was the type of guy who went with his gut and took chances on music that he loved. In April of 2012 I played him a song called “Trojans” by the band Atlas Genius. Going in for what I thought was going to be a casual and introductory meeting, I left stunned by how excited James was about this band. You see, this kind of thing doesn’t really happen that much in my industry. Next thing I know “Trojans” is on the air and 8 months later it’s a top 5 song on the alternative radio chart. 1 year later Atlas Genius has broken through and now headlining their own shows. James’ vision not only carried his radio station WROX to great new heights, but he helped break countless other bands … Macklemore, Imagine Dragons, Lumineers, Fun, all these acts got their start on WROX before they hit the mainstream, simply because James had great ears and gave them all a shot.

I know James will go on to great things in the radio business, his production / imaging skills are top-notch, his on-air skills are great, and he’s a great partner and knows how to break artists and bring them to the people. But I wouldn’t be surprised if James became a great A&R man too and signs the next generation of great rock bands – I wouldn’t be surprised at all."

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